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We meet one Saturday a month at 1:00 pm. Come early for networking and conversation.


Until Further Notice, All Meetings will be held at 1840 Lorraine Road, Reading, PA 19604

Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 1:00 pm


Emily Peña Murphey on C. G. Jung and Active Imagination for Writers on Sept 9

Carl Gustav Jung played a key role in the emergence of psychoanalysis. After many years of collaboration with Sigmund Freud, he set out on his own path to develop Analytical Psychology, a theoretical and clinical approach which places emphasis on spirituality, creative expression, and the relationship with the unconscious. Many of Jung’s ideas have passed into popular culture and the academic world and are used as devices for interpreting artistic works in various media. In this workshop Emily Peña Murphey will give a brief overview of Jung’s life and work and will lead the group in use of a technique known as Active Imagination. This exercise can be useful to writers in developing characters and imagery, and in enhancing and deepening the creative process. If you’ve ever felt the desire to “dig deeper” in your work, please bring along writing materials and join us in this unique experience!

Emily Peña Murphey grew up with mixed Anglo- and Mexican-American parentage, to a family that was deeply committed to language and writing. She was educated at NYU, the University of Michigan, and the Catholic University of America in the fields of psychology and social work. She underwent several years of training in Jungian psychoanalysis at the C. G. Jung Institute of Boston. After retiring from her career as a psychotherapist, she focused on creative writing. After many years of secretive dabbling in “occasional poetry,” she has recently had her first piece—a short memoir sketch—accepted for publication. She has also completed a draft of the initial volume of a planned trilogy of novels inspired by family stories from both sides of the Texas-Mexican border. Emily is also writing a memoir that will focus on her experience as a person of mixed cultural heritage, and blogs at “La Fronterista.”


Saturday, October 7, 2017 at 1:00 pm


James Chan on Writers As Spare Room Tycoons, October 7

James Chan will relate personal stories of his life-long experience as a “spare room tycoon” (a phrase he coined with writer Thomas Hine) in starting and sustaining 34 years of an ongoing independent life based on luck, pluck and perseverance.

James Chan was born Wah-Kong Chan in Canton, China and grew up in Hong Kong. He received his B.A. from the University of Hong Kong in 1970. After arriving in America in 1971 James received his M.A. from the University of Chicago and his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In 1983 James founded Asia Marketing and Management in Philadelphia. He is the author of “Spare Room Tycoon,” a book on 40 real life stories of people who turned their passions into successful businesses. James also authored the DVD “Secrets of Business Success in China” published by Malvern press and is a keynote speaker for many trade and professional associations.


Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 1:00 pm

Journey of Two Authors: Nadine Poper and Dori Hoch Nov 4

Dori and Nadine will be sharing their experience with self-publishing children’s picture books, why we do it and how. Dori will discuss her publishing company and Nadine will discuss submitting manuscripts to agents and publishers. They will also have some writing exercises as well.

Books will be available for signing. Websites: and


Nadine Poper

Nadine is a wiener dog lover. So much so that she wrote two books about dachshunds. A third book is currently in the illustration phase. She is an elementary librarian for the Reading School District, a member of SCBWI, and a committee member for the state awards Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award.

Dori Hoch

Dori is a retired elementary school teacher and reading specialist. She worked for many years in the Fleetwood and Wilson School Districts primary as a first grade teacher and a reading specialist. She also served as a writing consultant for the West Chester Writing and Literature Project and is a fellow of the National Writing Project. Dream Big Press is Dori’s self-publishing company. In 2013, she published Pearl of Richmond School which is an historical fiction children's book about a third grade student, Pearl, set in a one-room school in the early 1900's in this area. A sequel entitled Pearl and the Schoolyard Prank was released in January, 2015. In 2014, Dori published The Easter Bunny Brother, a comical tale of two bunnies who both want to be the Easter Bunny. This book was followed by The Bunny Brother's First Thanksgiving in 2015 and A Bunny Brothers' Christmas this year.


Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 1:00 pm


Heather Goodman on What Do You Want to Write? Dec 2

In this workshop, we will use writing exercises and work from touchstone authors to create new work and help intensify our voice in poetry and prose. Through writing, reading, exercises, and sharing work, we will investigate ways to enhance our writing lives. Please feel free to bring a page or two you are currently drafting or be ready to create new work.

Heather E. Goodman ( grew up in the woods of Pennsylvania where her family raised raccoons, opossums, kids, and dogs. Her work has been published in places such as Shenandoah, Gray’s Sporting Journal, Hunger Mountain, The Crab Orchard Review, and the Chicago Tribune, where her story “His Dog” won the Nelson Algren Award. She lives in a log cabin along a creek in Berks County with her husband Paul and pooch Leo and works with writers to help them illuminate their stories.


To Be Rescheduled

Picture Picture

Jean LeBlanc and Susanna Lee on Haiku Poetry

A deeper look at the creation of haiku poetry and the discovery of the haiku aesthetic. Inspiration for a poem may exist in close observation of words and images found all around at any particular moment. The essence of a poem is the creation of a connection between the poet and the reader, an agreement that beauty is born in the recognition of truth. Participants will be encouraged to create their own haiku, inspired by words and photographs in magazines or other printed materials.

Jean LeBlanc is an Assistant Professor of English at Sussex County Community College and executive editor of the Paulinskill Poetry Project. A member of the Writers’ Roundtable, she is active in the vibrant local poetry scene in northwestern New Jersey, often appearing as a featured reader. Her poetry has appeared in many journals, and her collections include At Any Moment (Backwaters Press, 2010) and A Field Guide to the Spirits (Aqueduct Press, 2015). Her haiku publications include The Haiku Aesthetic: Short Form Poetry as a Study in Craft (, 2013).

Susanna Lee is a writer and enjoys participating in poetry readings, and she has appeared as a featured reader for "Thursdays Are For Poetry" in Teaneck, NJ. Her poetry has been published online in the White Shoe Irregular, and in print in the Red Wheelbarrow #9 anthology, and will appear in an upcoming anthology by the Paulinskill Poetry Project. Her self-published book of poetry, Sunrise Mountain (Rose Mason Press, 2015), is available from the HPL Consortium.