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Location of workshop is at 1840 Lorraine Road Reading, PA 19604 (two streets above Hampden Blvd. at Richmond and Lorraine. 2nd home on the right with two big red doors at entrance) {Click here to see future workshops scheduled}

( A Word from L.T., our fearless leader)

Dear Pagoda Writers and all creative souls,

Surprise! We are having another very special workshop next Saturday the 15th of September...two in one month! Hope you can make it...same time, same place...featuring our own Patt Pizzi who will be offering her insights on automatic writing. Here is a bit of what she will share with us.

"If you are a curious person, experienced intuition, ever wonder why you were born and if you have a purpose in life...thought about reincarnation and whether it exists, what does it mean to be enlightened and is there life after this in some form then join us for the Novella (the story) workshop.

We will have this whether we have two or 20 people attending...Patt will talk and share with you on the most intimate level and be just as curious about your thoughts as well as sharing hers.

Both workshops coming soon to our family home on Lorraine...all are welcome and RSVP's are highly encouraged by voice message and/or email.

"Everything is energy. We are surrounded by vibrations and energy. Your thoughts begin it, your emotions amplify it and your actions increase the momentum."

Our next two workshops will be full of positive energy.

All the best to you all.

Linda Thomas
aka L.T. James
Volunteer Coordinator
Pagoda Writers
Creative Life Consulting
Barefoot Writing
1840 Lorraine Road (two streets up from Hampden Blvd. at Richmond)
Reading, PA 19604
610 413 0373 (cell)