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A Word from L.T., our fearless leader

Dear Pagoda Writers,

Our November 5th workshop will be a fascinating one with some truly talented individuals coming to share their stories and observations with us. We will be honoring all Veterans and their families on this day and I hope you will all invite anyone who has served or is serving our country and their family members. There will be an opportunity to share your own story even if you are not a veteran. Everyone is welcome to prepare a brief (one to two minutes) to share what they are working on...this brings our group together in many ways. Knowing your names and faces opens up opportunities to talk and get to know each other.

Please view our website to learn more about our speakers for this day and our December workshop.

"Without appearing to work as hard, the highly creative person appears to learn as much as, if not more than, the one with a high IQ. My guess is that these highly creative people are learning and thinking when they appear to be playing around." - Emma Birkmaier

I agree with Emma. Let's keep playing!

I hope to see you all there on November 5th. Since we are hosting all Veterans and their families please consider bringing something to share for refreshments if you are able.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of our mission to inspire and encourage writing in our beautiful Berks County!


aka L.T. James
Volunteer Coordinator
Pagoda Writers
Creative Life Consulting
Barefoot Writing
610 413 0373 (cell)