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Location of workshop is at 1840 Lorraine Road Reading, PA 19604 (two streets above Hampden Blvd. at Richmond and Lorraine. 2nd home on the right with two big red doors at entrance) {Click here to see future workshops scheduled}

( A Word from L.T., our fearless leader)

Dear Pagoda Writers and all creative souls,

Our first workshop of the New Year 2018 will be held on Saturday, January 6th from 1 to 3 p.m. This will be another wonderful opportunity to share your work and also to hear some great wisdom from our featured speaker, John Yamrus. Please view our website for more about John and his prolific career as a writer and poet. He will also be offering his books for sale which have been published in several languages and countries.

After about 10 years of the Pagoda Writers coming together as a very creative group of diverse professionals I would like us to remember two of our very active and talented members who have passed on, Dennis Mann and Jack Grebinger. They both were valued members who had a lot to give to us and they did so with humor, grace and humility. Their time with us was brief but they gave their heart and souls to their work and we had the gift of their presence. I have missed them but I also believe they are watching over us and encouraging all of us to keep learning about the past, embracing the present and envisioning the future filled with amazing opportunities to come together and share our gifts.

We will also be celebrating our host Ted Thomas on this day. Ted, who will be turning 85 years young has been a member of the Pagoda Writers since October of 2011 when he was a speaker at our "Paris at the Pagoda" event. He has been a generous contributor to our group by sharing his work in art and writing and welcoming all into his home for workshops and potlucks since the very beginnings.

If you would like to bring a dish of something or a jug of juice or lemonade we will make time to enjoy each others company during and after the workshop. You are always welcome to stay after the workshop to connect with each other, exchange contact information or just sit a spell and enjoy the camaraderie. Don't forget, with a birthday there is always CAKE??!!! Mums the word since this celebration will be a surprise??!

Please RSVP to me directly by phone message or email if you plan on attending so we can arrange enough seating for everyone. Please bring a piece of writing and/or art to share.

A free will donation to keep our website up and running would be very appreciated.

Any questions or ideas please contact me whenever you wish. I am very happy to hear your thoughts and referrals to someone you believe would be an entertaining and interesting speaker for us...including yourself. We have a lot of talented people in our group so let's hear from you, ok? Let's all use our creative ideas to stimulate not only our own work but others as well. Send me your plan and content of your presentation and what you would like to focus on and we'll talk.

As of this date we still have two months left for a speaker...August and October of 2018. Check our website for all the fascinating people we have lined up...mark your calendars so you don't miss a one!!!

Hope to see you all on January 6th by 12:45. No late arrivals please since it distracts from the program which begins promptly at 1. Thank you for your consideration with this request.

No matter what the weather we will have the workshop and celebration but if you feel the weather is too risky to drive please do not take any chances...your life and safety are too valuable and we have the whole year to come together.

"I'm discovering that a spiritual journey is a lot like a poem. You don't merely recite a poem or analyze it intellectually. You dance it, sing it, cry it, feel it on your skin and in your bones. You move with it and feel its caress. It falls on you like a teardrop or wraps around you like a smile. It lives in the heart and the body as well as the spirit and the head."
- a piece from Dangerous Wonder...The Adventure of Childlike Faith by Michael Yaconelli

Happy New Year everyone??!


aka L.T. James
Volunteer Coordinator
Pagoda Writers
Creative Life Consulting
Barefoot Writing
610 413 0373 (cell)
1840 Lorraine Road, Reading, PA 19604